How long is the approximate time for the amount of essential oil to run out in all devices?

According to the special setting of working hours and days, in addition to choosing the degree of spraying (grade), but with the average consumption, the package lasts from a month to a month and a half in each device.

Is it possible to add water to dilute the essential oil or use essential oils from other companies?

We have carefully studied the essential oils suitable for the devices to reach the best results of perfuming. Therefore, we warn against using external essential oils or adding water to the essential oils to ensure that the devices are protected from damage.

What is the difference between our devices and traditional diffuser?

Our devices work with the latest perfuming technology, which ensures that the scent spreads quickly and remains stable in the place, in addition to the possibility of controlling its working hours and the concentration of the scent unlike traditional diffusers.

What does nanotechnology mean?

It is the technology that allows the production and decomposition of fine fragrance particles to increase the diffusion and concentration of the scent in the space.

How long is the warranty? And what does it include?

The warranty period on our devices is two years, and it includes all malfunctions except for breakage and misuse in addition to malfunctions resulting from the use of other oils or the addition of substances or water to the essential oil.

In the event that the warranty period has expired and my perfume device malfunctions, what is the solution?

No problem, we receive damaged devices even after the warranty period has expired, but for a fee that is determined by the technical support and maintenance department according to the damaged parts.

What is the difference between mini and m100 device?

Mini device: Equipped with 4 levels to control the pause time between sprays, knowing that the duration of the spray is 15 seconds, in addition to being easy to navigate

M100 device: Equipped with 10 levels to control the stopping time between sprays, knowing that the duration of the spray is 3 seconds. It is preferable to place the device installed on the wall away from surfaces to match the force of its push

I would like to know more details about the car device (Micro)

• The sound issued when moving the car device is a safety sensor against accidents and vibrations to ensure your safety.

• The smoke in the car device is not visible, but we guarantee you an effective coverage of the appropriate place for the device space.

What is meant by grade?

It is degrees that express the duration of the spray and the pause between sprays (more detailed in the catalog attached with the devices) and accordingly determine the concentration and strength of the smell in the place.

How do I choose the right device for my space?

All our devices cover the area in cubic meters (length * width * height)

Can our oils be used in perfumes and other diffusers?

Certainly, since our oils used are pure crude oils that are compatible with all perfumery devices in the market, our devices help you control their spread while preserving them from the speed of consumption and exhaustion in a short period of time.

What is the name of the application used in hardware programming?

West story

What is the password used in the application?

The password for all devices is 8888

What is the approximate time it takes to deliver your order?

Inside Riyadh from 3-5 working days as a maximum

Outside Riyadh, a maximum of 7-10 working days

What is the approximate duration of your device in the maintenance and technical support department?

The repair period takes a maximum of 14 days for the work covered by the warranty, and it excludes the period of delivery of spare parts from the manufacturer.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, so that the request period does not exceed 24 hours. We are happy to contact you to serve you

Where can I find West Story products?

We are honored to have you visit our showrooms:

Riyadh Showroom

Khobar showroom

And when we participate in any event, we will constantly notify our customers