Who we are


WEST STORY Trading CO. is one of the institutions leading in the field of providing the best fragrance technology methods for all places using modern and advanced (NANO) technology in proportion for all central air conditioners and decentralization. The concessionaire and the exclusive brand of Australian company “Scenting International” in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Scenting International is the largest companies specialized in this field on the level of world and it covers more than 20 countries worldwide.


Our visualization


Create ambiance more fascinating and hospitality for visitors and places looking for the excellence and reflect positive image remains in the human memory for years.


Our Service


Perfuming places through wonderful smells reflect the identity of the place to create an impression effective in the psyche of the visitor which makes him feeling comfortable and prolong staying besides repeat visit.


Importance of service


  • Ability of the wonderful smells to touches human sense which bringing happiness & full satisfaction to beneficiary.
  • Having an elegant impression for appearance of the place and staffs works in, a major cause of repeat visit and prolonged stay.
  • Scenting the wonderful smells it’s more factors attraction to beneficiary without the other senses.
  • The wonderful smells bestow to the place the friendliness spirit.
  • Raise the level of satisfaction to the beneficiary which compounding the power of the purchasing or performance functional.
  • The wonderful smells sends in the beneficiary himself attribute of respect and appreciation for the place and employees work in.


About Fragrance


Our scents are characterized matchless from other air fresheners scents which are offered in the market because of unique scents created by essential components simulate every taste and lead at the human soul happiness and satisfaction.

Scents, are created wonderful which exceed over than 50 categories are variety aromas at isolated labs in Singapore by experts and specialist’s hands are characterized whom having  highly professionalism and skills to be qualified for select the finest scent appropriately for each place and time. They’re characterized for having also the ability to innovating your favorite smell which are appropriated by all rights are reserved and exclusive responding to your business brand appropriated ship.

All our perfumes surrendered by the requirements for international of perfume regulations globally levels standard of specifications and will be provided all the necessary export licenses.